Agora Bau- und Grundstücksverwaltung GmbH

Agora Bau is a project development holding company, investing in projects through different subsidiaries.

Agora Bau focuses on residential properties and creates valuable assets since 2016 in Berlin. Today, the company is diversifying its portfolio through property investment in Hamburg.

Effective Business Model

  • Strong in-house expertise covering various areas of construction management
  • Site management solutions to maintain high quality and minimize cost
  • In-house legal expertise for contract management and legal requirements
  • No occupational accident record in the managed projects

Agora Bau Management team has extensive sectoral knowledge and experience in significant projects in several countries, including Germany and Russia.

The team completed a debut residential project in Berlin successfully. The building hit a 91% occupancy rate in 3 months.

Strong Management Team

Environment Sensitive Approach

As a socially responsible and fully compliant company, Agora Bau takes actions to create a positive impact on environmental concerns.